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If you want to fly an airplane, run a marathon, handle Freedom to FLYanger, manage stress or succeed in almost any endeavor, you must have support. People passionately want success and often have enough intelligence to flourish but still fall short of achieving their hopes and dreams. They're missing a tool--the tool of support. Without it even the most gifted of us can't reach full potential. Just as clean air and water are essential to our physical well-being, wisely applied support is crucial to our spiritual and psychological development.

By hiring a personal coach or psychotherapist (I'm using the terms interchangeably here although there are some important distinctions) you're initiating a relationship whose sole purpose is to help you explore and manage the next set of life's challenges. A rigorous, supportive and wise coach makes the difference between mediocrity and excellence–between success and failure.

As your coach or therapist I'll help you contact your highest aspirations and then walk you through the specific steps that help you reach them. It takes courage to articulate your goals to another and then to let yourself be accountable as you forge ahead. Manifesting courage creates its own rewards by setting into motion a positive momentum that brings out the best in us.

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