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Coaching sessions are conducted in person, on the phone or with Skype. Light of Heart, Fast of Foot, Take the Time to Enjoy Your Life Call 607.277.0438 or email me at to set up an appointment or discuss arrangements.

I will:

  • Help you determine your goals.
  • Walk you through the process of achieving those goals.
  • Provide you with the communication tools that are essential to success.
  • Support you to utilize the language of promises, commitment and accountability.
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses so that you can optimize performance.
  • Create with you suitable homework assignments that move you towards your goals.
  • Create a relationship with you that allows you to practice in real time many of the communication skills we're studying.
  • Offer you a perspective on your issues that comes from:
    • Forty-five years of rigorous personal spiritual practice.
    • Thirty-five years as a marriage and family therapist, corporate workshop leader and consultant.
    • A happy marriage and family life (four children successfully launched and five thriving grandchildren).
    • Author of two self-help books.

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