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Anger Management also known as anger managment

Coaching also focuses on channeling emotions wisely. Anger is a powerful, passionate feeling. It's part of nature's way of keeping us protected. But when anger is out of balance or disproportionate to the stimulus evoking it, it works against us, blocking success and causing many other difficulties. (My first book was written when I noticed how angry I felt whenever I walked past a bookstore. That anger became channeled into the self-discipline required to execute the project.) We can train ourselves, if we think wisely, to free up our angry energy and utilize it in our own behalf. As your coach I will help you to think about your anger responsibly so that you can benefit from the energy inherent in the feeling. Redirecting anger positively provides an enormous boost not only to our self-esteem but to our ability to accomplish our goals. Anger managment.

Stress Management

At every moment and in every circumstance we have the ability to rise above life's catastrophes and shine. Management and employee stress. Genuine relief from stress occurs only as we recognize the power inherent in this assertion. Attitude is the key. In order to bring dignity and graciousness to the ongoing flood of challenges that life throws at us we must tune into the attitudes that shape our behaviors. Ultimately it's the attitudes we cultivate that determines whether a challenge is seen as a curse or opportunity. Stress reduction takes place as we take greater responsibility for the choices we face. Control over our attitudes gives us power. As your coach I'll be rigorously tuning into the subtleties of attitude to help you see whether you might be inadvertently setting up difficulty or failure rather than ease and success. There is a solution to management and employee stress.