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Coaching (and therapy) consists of one-on-one confidential conversations designed to help you become more productive and vital, as well as relaxed, calm and centered. Coaching strengthens mastery in managing stress, reactivity and anger.

In addition to serving as a personal coach or therapist, I am also a relationship counselor or intimacy coach. In couples work the emphasis is on the communicatin skills that foster intimacy and the resolution of power struggles within the relationship. 

People want solutions for the sticky every day issues of life. They need common sense reality checks and a skillful way of dealing with difficult problems. Career goals and strategies, marital and kid problems, working wisely with intense emotional feelings, financial issues, and other communication based dilemmas are common topics in these sessions. In particular, playing office politics with integrity and skill, working adroitly with difficult people and feelings and risking wisely are common coaching themes.

To be successful, we must believe in ourselves. But that belief can't be faked. It arises only when we honor our needs, take ourselves more seriously, and endeavor to build focus and self-discipline. Coaching creates such a momentum. At its root it leads to greater personal power and an ability to access our intentionality. Success in all areas of our lives then naturally falls into place.

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