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For the last thirty-five years I've been a psychotherapist, personal coach, communication trainer/consultant, relationship counselor and self-help author. Mitch BobrowI have four children, five grandchildren and a wonderful marriage. My ability to help people access their own magnificence stems from a deep-seated faith in humanity which has grown steadily as my own long-term spiritual practice of more than forty-five years has matured.

My first book, Habit Breakthrough, offered a new approach to breaking unwanted behaviors that focused on changing one's entire relationship to a habit. After it was published in 1985 I taught courses for Cornell University, Omega Institute, and at many other educational and business organizations. Views From the Tightrope: Living Wisely in an Uncertain World, was published in October, 1997. It challenged readers to recognize and face the risks inherent in life and use them in the quest for personal empowerment. In addition I've taught Stress Management courses at Ithaca College and for several national corporations. 

One can only support someone else to the extent that you've allowed others to rigorously support you. Through the years I've been blessed to have worked closely with some of the leaders in the spiritual and psychological community. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the best selling author and compassionate pioneer in the field of working with dying patients, was one of my first mentors. For the past twenty-five years I've studied meditation with Jack Kornfield, an eminent western Buddhist teacher. By allowing myself to be supported and coached I've come to a first-hand awareness of the power that is unleashed in a positive coaching relationship.

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