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With this well-rounded selection of real-life stories from his therapy practice and personal life, Bobrow helps us do two very important things: come more fully to life by facing squarely what an astonishing risk life really is, and develop effective tools for engaging that risk creatively and positively. We emerge from these pages much better equipped to develop the skills and courage to open our hearts intelligently in a world that offers no guarantees.

"We are perched on a tightrope--like it or not. If you dare to open your eyes, face facts, and taste the thrill, Views from the Tightrope is a book you'll treasure. Its insights come alive in people and in their stories: an effective way to teach and a delightful way to learn.

"To accept life takes courage and skill. Mitch Bobrow, a true master, teaches that skill and inspires that courage. This is a book for which I feel personally grateful."
–Brother David Steindl-Rast, O.S.B. author of The Music of Silence, and Gratefulness: The Heart of Prayer

Graphic"Through his own deep work Mitch offers us a personal glimpse into the art of healing, the doorway of the heart and wise living."
Jack Kornfield, author of A Path with Heart

"A lucid, liberating exploration of the pitfalls and rewards encountered on the risk-taking path to spiritual growth."
–Library Journal